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 Trixcell's 3Cups

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PostSubject: Trixcell's 3Cups   Trixcell's 3Cups EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 8:26 pm

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Trixcell's 3Cups | 244 KB | JAVA
Perform an amazing magic trick on your mobile phone.And amaze your friends.
It is a small application for mobile phones with java enabled.
Just install it on your phone and you 'll get the hidden instructions in the MENU option.
* Category: Mind Reading
* Skill Level: Easy

The mind reading version of the classic street con!

On screen are 3 cups, each hiding a random colored ball. When a cup is picked to reveal a ball, the hidden balls are shuffled. There's no telling which ball will show up next. Unless... there's a mind reader in sight – you!
* Can be handed out for inspection.
* Effect can be repeated.
* No additional props needed.
* Built-in performance instructions.
* Link to streaming video demonstration (optional).
* Tell a friend via SMS (optional).
* Localized to English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.
* Supported on more than 400 popular handsets.
* Coming soon to iPhone and iPod touch.
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Trixcell's 3Cups
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