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 Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection)

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Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection) Empty
PostSubject: Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection)   Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection) EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 8:57 pm

Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection) | 2.26 GB
Hot Wheels Bash Arena | Hot Wheels World Race | Hot Wheels Velocity X | Hot Wheels Beat That
Hot Wheels Bash Arena
Hot Wheels Bash Arena is a pulse-pounding competition spanning eight wild smash-and-crash demolition derby tracks. Race up through the Hot Wheels ranks to compete in the Bash Arena Championship. Your ultimate goal: induction in the Hot Wheels Bash Arena Hall of Fame. But first, you've got to dodge outrageous obstacles, avoid crazy crashes, win power-ups, eliminate opponents, and be the last car running.
Choose from 20 authentic Hot Wheels cars to unlock and crash in a blaze of special effects. Drive in eight arenas filled with interactive events that keep you guessing. Real-time vehicle damage makes for cool crashes. More than 20 power-ups deliver intense, special-ability boosts. And for multiplayer action, motor onto the Internet and challenge up to four of your friends for the Bash Arena Championship.

Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection) 8b87q7p

Hot Wheels World Race
Get ready for an-all new Hot Wheels racing experience on your favorite game system! Set in the distant future where life revolves around the most intense sport ever invented, Hot Wheels: World Race takes daring drivers through a series of intense circuit races on extreme tracks featuring split or multi-level courses, obstacles and speeds unlike anything ever experienced before. Do you have what it takes to make it to the Hot Wheels: World Race?
Hot Wheels Velocity X
Put your driving skills to the ultimate test as you defend Monument City from a criminal gang of racing villains. Combine the cool cars, wild aerial stunts, blazing crashes, huge loops, banked turns, and lightning-fast speed that Hot Wheels is known for with a destructible 3D Hot Wheels world, an arsenal of futuristic weapons, missionbased game play, and an immersive story to create a racing adventure unlike any other in the racing genre.
Hot Wheels Beat That
Speed, power, performance and attitude -- put your Hot Wheels races to the test! Race your way through crazy corkscrews, loops and hidden routes. Race with 30 of the world's coolest cars. And engage in high-octane multiplayer action, racing on tracks packed with wicked explosions and super-charged power-ups.

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Hot Wheels (Hworang's Quadra Killer Collection)
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